PROFESSOR OF HAPPINESS (3) Doing what you love


There is  a special calling towards one task or the other in each man’s life on the surface of the earth. Some like singing, some like building grand structures, some are interested in medicine, others are interested in pharmacy …There is happiness in answering to this calling. There is happiness in doing what you love. If you are a medical doctor or pharmacist and you don’t like it, maybe it was the wish of your parents, you may hardly be happy practicing the profession.
If most of your day is spent doing something you don’t feel passionate about, it is hard to maintain a state of happiness. But when you do something you love, you feel enthusiastic and energized. Work and results flow out easily and there is a sense of easy
productivity you experience.

You may be stuck in a job or situation you don’t like. Don’t loose hope, it is possible to turn life around on its heels. Let’s go through these steps together!  Follow these steps to know exactly what you need to do to be happy with what you are doing presently.

STEPS #1: Decide Exactly What you want?

So many people don’t know what they want out of life. In the process they are stuck somewhere and become unhappy because of no direction. First, decide a clear picture of what you love doing. That Mr. A is a banker doesn’t make you to take up a banking job. If you do and you don’t love it, you may not be happy doing it and when you are not happy doing it, success in that area is slim. No matter the amount of money you are being paid. Deciding on what you want might take some time, but since you are not the owner of yourself, you need to get back to the owner. Work it out with HIM and you will be glad you did. For all the noise about jobs these days, most people are not clear about what exactly they want. I would advice you to start today to analyse your life. Use journal writing. Sit down with a pen and paper and write down what you love doing. If you can’t decide, just write down the things you enjoy and then use elimination.If you are not sure in the beginning, it is all right. Repeat this exercise for a few days. Consult your owner (ALMIGHTY GOD). Slowly, clarity will come. Just going through this exercise makes you feel positive and good. And it is good to visit this often, for it clarifies your goal and a clear goal is half the battle won. As you do this, happiness will surely come to you.


A lot of people are stranded in life because they don’t know “the how”. Knowing the how not only makes you happy but it empowers your purpose to deliver. Once you have decided what you would like to do, look at how you are going to do it. If you are an employee (nwa boy) but see your calling in running your own business , you need to decide an action plan for the transition. Now the whole process might look too big and unsurmountable but the choice here is between an exciting and happy life on one hand, and a life of boredom, listlessness and unhappiness on the other. Have faith, and patience. You are not going to do it all in a day. Break down the whole process into small steps. See what steps you can take right now. It may be as small as buying a book on the subject and reading it.

STEP#3: Live for a purpose

What is purpose? Life’s purpose is what you realize you want to accomplish through this life. That which gives life a meaning. It is the value you want your work to add to this world.

Here is mine : ‘Live a conscious, happy and abundant life; and help others do the same.’ if your work, apart from being something you love doing, is also aligned with a purpose you feel connected to, it adds to the happiness and satisfaction you draw out of it.

So, if you like writing(like me) and you enjoy the field of personal development(like me again), becoming a personal development writer can be a satisfying experience. But if you also find a sense of purpose in helping others live a better life(again, like I do), you are going to enjoy this work many times more!

To be happy, understand your purpose and align your life with it.

STEPS #4:Learn to listen to GOD

To find your true PURPOSE such that will make you happy , you must get back to the creator who had made you for a purpose. Ask HIM the purpose, acquire it to deliver it. it is important to get over your pre-conceived, fear based notions and listen intently to Divine inspiration, your God. This, again, takes some learning, patience, and courage. A lot of people get so used to following the trodden path and doing what everyone around them says is right, that they forget to listen to God to know their purpose. You don’t need people’s confirmation when God has confirmed. It is what God confirms that confirms you and put you on the ladder of Extraordinary wealth and happiness.
When you ask your GOD, make sure you leave your intellect out. Don’t judge what your GOD says. Don’t think about how your purpose can be achieved, that will come later. Just focus on what appeals to your heart, what feels light and right, what gives you a lasting sense of enthusiasm and an emotional high.
It takes time to get over your inner fears. New insights will make you refine your purpose on and on. In the beginning there will be a lot of changes. With time, changes will become less frequent and less drastic. Hang on, the rewards are a life time of purposefulness and happiness!

STEPS #5: Create value for others

Let your purpose involve creating something of value for others. When you give something of value in return for all that you want, you find yourself deserving and feel at home with all the abundance. What you wish to have is not just a wish anymore, you believe it is rightfully yours and claim it. You attract it with your confidence, you have no fear of loosing it. Nature has made us into social animals. We all gain in some way or the other from society but few want to give back as much. When you focus solely on multiplying your own happiness, it keeps slipping away, like sand from a closed fist. The tighter you hold on, the more you loose. It doesn’t have to be either your happiness or others, you can have
both. So Decide,  from today to add value for others and value will come to you. In so doing, your happiness will blossom like the lillies of the field.


Look at what you love doing. Think about how you can provide value to society through what you love. For example, when I realized I loved writing and personal development, I had to think about how I could create value for others while indulging in these two. I
decided first to write a book that would be based on certain personal development ideas and it did happen. Add value to others and I promise you, you can never be unhappy.

If you are not adding value to people in your business, career or job, start that from today and I promise you that happiness will become your second name.

If money becomes your goal for living, I bet you, you might find it hard to be happy, but if the addition of value to others becomes your goal for living, you cannot be unhappy.
Keep soaring and be blessed as I await your testimony of a renewed happiness.

When you give genuine value to
the world, it  will reciprocate by giving value back to you!


Obi Anthony is the Founder of Fastlane Ambassadors, An entrepreneur and a business strategist. He is a passionate blogger who loves helping to bring out the best in people. An amazing public speaker on Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship. He is the author of "Principles and Secrets for Success In Business"- A roadmap For extraordinary Wealth In Business. Follow him on twitter @austinopharm.

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